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Kurumi Law Office



Thank you for accessing the website of Kurumi Law Office.

After opening in January 2007,we have handled many cases,such as bankruptcy,adjustment of debts,divorce,medical malpractice,traffic accident,guardian for elderly or disabled person,criminal cases.

We have done our best to serve our clients.
We will continue to make our efforts to fulfill various needs of our clients and offer the best solutions.

The word of "Kurumi"in Japanese means walnut in English.
We named our office "kurumi" because we heared wallnut was the symbol of the fertility and life in Europe.


Main Areas

Bankruptcy, Adjustment of debts,
Family affairs(divorce,custody,guardian for elderly or disabled person,will,and so on),
Medical malpractice,
Traffic accidents.


Name Taichiro Morikawa
Admitted to Bar 2002,Japan
Birth Year 1972
Birth Place Osaka,Japan
Education Graduate in faculty of law at Kyoto University(1996).
Business Career Hitachi Metals,Ltd(1996-1998).
Hobby Music appreciation,Trips
Recent Interest Learning Czech.


Office Name Kurumi Law Office
Address 2-14-401,Narihira-cho,Ashiya-shi,Hyogo-ken,
Phone +81-797-35-2852
Fax +81-797-35-2853
 Opening Hours Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00 
Access Public transportation.
About 2 minute from JR Ashiya Station by walk
Kurumi Law Office ,Lawyer Taichiro Morikawa(Hyogo Bar Association)
2-14-401,Narihira-cho,Ashiya-shi,Hyogo-ken,JAPAN 〒659-0068  Tel +81-797-35-2852/Fax+81-797-35-2853
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